San Diego Body Painting

San Diego Body Painting

The art of body painting dates back to the era when tribesmen and women sported colorful and distinguished works of art depending on their purpose and to distinguish them from the other tribes. Over the years such traditions have evolved to reflect the customs and rituals in the modern-day scenario. Whether used for any traditional or ritualistic purpose or just for the sake of entertainment, San Diego body painting plays a significant role in movies, fine arts and various ceremonies. And this is what Body Art San Diego offers you.

What Do You Need To Know About Body Paints?

Body painting can be of two types, face painting, and full body painting. Whatever be the purpose of body painting, there is a clear distinction between permanent body art and temporary body paint. Unlike decorative scarring or tattoos, body painting is something that will fade over time and would require retouching at regular intervals to maintain its look and appeal.

This makes it necessary to know the various types of body paint and the outcome of undertaking such a painting procedure.

  • Cosmetic Body Paint

Most people are unaware of the type of body paint that is used on them daily. The commonly used body paints are cosmetics in the form of eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick. Lead makeup has become a thing of the past and most modern day cosmetics that are used are lead-free ensuring safe application of body paints.

  • Airbrush Tattoos

This is one of the latest introductions to San Diego body painting which can last for weeks since it is waterproof. These are applied with the help of an airbrush gun over a stencil to provide a high level of details in multiple colors. It can either be oil-based or water-based depending on the choice of the user. Some people get an airbrush tattoo as a trial run before going for permanent body paint.

  • Henna

Henna is derived from the leaves of a plant, this paint has been in use for centuries to dye hair and wool. At present, this is even used for body painting and making tattoo which can last for weeks. However, it is recommended to use purely plant-based henna and avoid the ones containing metal additives.

What are Liquid Latex and Commercial Paints?

Several San Diego Body Painting brands manufacture a reliable and coveted line of acrylic body paints which can be safely applied on the body without any harmful effects. These paints are used by artists that use the human body as a live canvas. But before using any such liquid latex, it must be ensured that the same is safe for use by the body.

There are also companies that manufacture body paint in spray bottles and containers. Most of these do not contain any toxic adulterants or latex additions that can pose a threat to the body.

Contact Body Art San Diego if you are planning to get a body painting done by reputed and experienced body painters to turn your dreams into reality.

San Diego Body Painting